Top Hotel Security Hints And Tips from Premier Inn

Hotel Security Hints

Premier Inn:

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If you know that you are due to stay in a hotel then you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure that your items are as secure as possible and you also need to make sure that you choose a room that is between the third floor and the sixth floor. Rooms on these floors are high enough to discourage those who are across the street but they are also close enough to be near all of the fire exits.

Locking The Door:

Another thing that you need to do is always close and lock your door. You need to make a habit of doing this and you also need to use the deadbolt and the chain if possible. If you do stay in a room that faces the pool or even the beach then make sure that your sliding doors and even your windows have sturdy locks.

It is also a good idea for you to not open your door to anyone who knocks. If you are not expecting anyone, then you should call up the front desk so you can confirm his or even her status before you go ahead and open the door.


Another thing that you need to do is park in well-lit areas as well as making sure that you are as close to the hotel as possible. A lot of hotel thefts take place in the parking lot and even the neighboring structures. If you are a woman and you are traveling alone then you may want to ask for an escort. When you do this, you know that you can easily stay safe.


The last thing that you need to do is make sure that you choose a hotel that has plenty of security cameras. On top of this, you also need to make sure that they have added layers of security because this can help you to discourage theft and even criminals. Cameras can help the hotel staff as well as yourself so do take this into account.

If they don’t have security cameras, you can always use one of your own action cameras as a surveillance device. Hotel security cameras work better as a deterrent, however, since would-be thieves will look for those cameras before deciding whether to break in or not.

So as you can see, there are a couple of things that you need to do in order to stay safe while you are traveling in your hotel so if you have any questions then get in touch with us today to find out more. We are always happy to work with you to get you what you need.