Five Trips for your Vacation Bucket List

spring vacation ideas

It’s spring and there’s more changing than the weather. As it gets warmer outside, many people are looking to scratch that old travel itch. If you find yourself in need of a vacation, or maybe you found some irresistible hidden room rates, then spring brings a number of great options. These vacation spots are great for couples and families, giving you some versatility when it’s time to get away. They’re not the cheapest trips, but if you’re looking to scratch another off of the bucket list, here are five that can do the trick.

Lake Tahoe to Ski and More 

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Nestled on the state line between California and Nevada, the town of South Lake Tahoe has a little bit for everyone. The spring ski season lasts deep into April, giving you the chance to enjoy some snow before the hotter weather hits. The best thing about Lake Tahoe is its versatility. After you’ve hit the slopes at Heavenly during the morning, you can retreat to the town below, where the temperatures are at least 10 or 15 degrees warmer. You’ll find restaurants, shopping, and even casinos waiting when you kick off your skis.

Central Oregon to Drink and Hike 

If you like to spend your days outside and your nights in a microbrewery, then Bend, Oregon is the perfect place for you. With Mount Bachelor lurking in the background and a beautiful river to boot, Bend has the kind of outdoor playthings that can keep your busy for a week. When you’re done, more than a dozen breweries await, each serving something a little bit different. The April and May crowds are big, as the weather is perfect during this time of year.

New Orleans for JazzFest 

Most people think about coming to New Orleans either during the New Year celebration or around Mardi Gras. You should put it on your list as a solid spring destination. Each May, some of the world’s best musicians come to town for two weekends. The music festival ranks as one of the country’s top attractions. In the past, JazzFest has been headlined by stars like Elton John and Ed Sheeran. Future lineups include bands like Pearl Jam and Beck. The music is eclectic, so you’ll likely find something to suit you no matter what your tastes happen to be.

Hiking in Maine 

If you’ve had Acadia National Park on your bucket list, then you might want to avoid the summer months. Maine’s known as Vacationland, a tip of the hat both to the region’s amicable weather and its penchant for attracting too many people. If you want to beat the crowds, head to Bar Harbor in May, where you’ll be able to take in the Cadillac Mountain sunrise with only a few fellow moon watchers rather than gaggles of summer campers. Remember to bring your cold weather gear. Maine can be mild at night until the early part of July.

Utah’s National Park Run 

If you’ve paid attention to advertising, then you know all about the national parks in Utah. You’ve probably heard of Moab, a small town that serves as a hub for both Arches National Park and Canyonlands. Further west, you’ll find Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon. Further still is Zion National Park, arguably the crown jewel of the Utah parks. Each of these offers something a bit different, but they all offer the opportunity to hike and explore in the beautiful red sandstone that’s become a Utah staple. The Utah parks tend to be a bit less crowded than Yellowstone to the east and Yosemite to the west, so you’ll have a great chance to enjoy some alone time in the comfort of the country’s natural beauty.

America contains incredible beauty from one corner to the next. Spring is the perfect time to get outside and see some of what the country has to offer. These vacation ideas will help you enjoy nature and culture alike.